Small Group Pointers and Characteristics
1. Membership - those in the group should be prayerfully chosen. Do
    you enjoy each other? Would you want to be together at other times? If
    you are new to each other be patient. Every intersection of life is a
    divine appointment.
2. Size - 4 to 5 guys in a group seems to be a manageable number.
3. Confidentiality - what is said there, stays there. An innocent prayer
     item to your spouse, can become unintentional gossip.
4. Location - Prayerfully and carefully chosen. Privacy is best, but
    restaurants are an option for those who can best meet for breakfast or
5. Time - The beginning and ending time should be consistent. Meeting
    weekly is best.
6. Sharing - A healthy group allows each person to share. No person
    should dominate the discussion. Mutual submission is an indication of
    the work of the Spirit. The sharing should deepen as the group bonds.
    There should be a minimal amount of feedback, as that can stifle the risk
    of being open. Accountability is a healthy characteristic of a small
    group. A person who opens up to personal issues should be heard with
    sensitivity. Real listening is hard.
7. Mission and Motivation - This perhaps might have been placed first
    on my list. Why are we meeting? Are we meeting to encourage each
    other to be more like Jesus Christ? Is our perspective beyond the group
    to ministry to other guys, to serve in the worship and work of the Lord?
    Try to start praying about 3 men who do not know Jesus Christ that the
    Holy Spirit would orchestrate an opportunity to reach them beyond the
8. Materials - Some guys function better just sharing their lives. Other
    men choose to go through a Book of the Bible. Some men choose a
    specific book written for men.
9. Evaluation - Be honest about the groups health. Sometimes the group
    has a shelf life. Groups need readjustment. Without stepping on the
    scales of evaluation, the group may die a slow death from emotional fat,
    or slowly leak from indifference.
10. Summary: A healthy group is well chosen group. They have fun
      together. They are a manageable size. The members are trustworthy.
      They get below superficial sharing. The group has a mission, stays on
      focus, and gets regular check-ups. The result: Men who are on the
      grow. Men more like Jesus. Men who are commissioned to make
     disciples of Jesus Christ. Men who are friends with God. Men who are
     blessed to make a difference in His kingdom. You are such a man!!