I.    We focus on God.
        a) We glorify God.
        b) We grow in Christ.
        c) We gain a kingdom perspective. 
        d) We engage in selfless missions.
        e) We see God at work in practical matters.
        f) We copy the method of Jesus in making disciples.
II.    The Benefit for others.
        a) We love one another.
        b) We disciple one another.
        c) We are able to pray corporately.
        d) We are able to share one another's burdens and joys.
        e) We are enabled to learn Scripture together. 
        f) We grow in encouragement and fellowship.
III.   The Benefits we receive.
        a) We relate more effectively and avoid isolation.
        b) We are able to address blind spots and receive admonition.
        c) We learn that what we are going through is common to all.
        d) We receive all the benefits listed under the "for others."