Ministry Update, December 2018

Dear Friends of Discipling Men, Inc.,

This year has seen a significant movement of the Holy Spirit in the Discipling Men, Inc ministry. The Holy Spirit has empowered several trips and experiences where men and women have gone from spiritual death to spiritual life, from darkness to light. We are so thankful that God has led the Holy Spirit to move in the lives of relief workers in Puerto Rico, evangelism visits in Cuba, in Sheriff Office Emergency vehicles, in wedding preparations, in Scout camps, in a Holy Land trip, and in teaching pastors in Malawi.


God continues to use the Holy Spirit to be glorified through Discipling Men, Inc. Meeting through six weekly small groups, weekly meetings of Scout Troop 86, monthly discipleship of emerging leaders through Nexus, leadership and chaplaincy in and through the Emergency Services of the Sheriff’s Office, Board leadership for the Friends of the Germantown Library, co-teaching the Growing in Grace Sunday School Class at 2nd Presbyterian, all make for a fruitful, vibrant and Spirit filled ministry.


Troop 86 with 36 active scouts has enabled DMI to minister to both fathers and sons at weekly troop meetings, on monthly campouts, at Kia Kima Summer camp through a Biblically based, Christ centered pathway to spiritual discipleship.

God continues to multiply this ministry. One new opportunity which began at the end of last year continued each month throughout 2018. This ministry, named Crosstalk, gives testimony to the power of the cross in our lives. Each month, a lay leader shares not only how they came to Christ initially, but powerfully how God sustains them each day to live in the shadow of the cross. Each man who has spoken at these monthly meetings has told Don Riley how that singular opportunity stretched them, challenged them, and grew them spiritually in their walk with Christ. The Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of businessmen in Memphis.


Don was asked by Second Presbyterian Church to plan out, and write the curriculum for Church leaders to be used in Malawi and throughout the ministries of World Relief. While teaching pastors in Malawi this summer, 24 pastors made first time decisions for Christ.

Discipling Men, Inc has also partnered with East-West ministries to engage in evangelism in Cuba and other gospel hungry sectors of the world. In April, 304 Cubans prayed to receive Christ with our team in one week. The first week of this December, Discipling Men, Inc will lead a team back to Cuba. A new 2019 initiative, is the strategy to supply numerous teams to do evangelism in a gospel hungry world in adherence to the Great Commission to make disciples.

One day while riding rescue with the Emergency Services of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, one officer riding with Don asked him the difference between a Presbyterian and an Episcopalian.  Don answered, “Well, what is held in common, the person of Jesus Christ, is what is most important.” Don asked the officer if he could share steps to spiritual conversion. Don shared about sin, separation, substitution, and salvation. The officer responded to the gospel because the Holy Spirit changed his heart to be a redeemed new creation.

One of the greatest opportunities of 2018 was the privilege Don and Susan Riley had to lead a group of 35 to the Holy Land. A year in preparation, Don taught 14 times, Cole Hoffman 9 times and several trip participants presented deeply insightful devotionals. To walk where Jesus walked, to teach where Jesus taught, all made for a rich, vibrant way to grow all the trip participants in Christ.

There is one thing better than receiving a prayer answer and that is being a prayer answer. Thank you for your financial support in serving as a prayer answer, such that the gospel of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, can shine forth in and through Discipling Men, Inc.

Matthew 28: 19 says we are to make disciples. To God be the glory in doing so.


In Him,