Ministry Update, December 2022

20 Years! This year marks the 20th anniversary of Discipling Men, Inc.

From the intercessory start in a prayer room, to the present, God shows His daily 
faithfulness in enabling us to grow men in Christ.

The pronouns throughout will remain plural in that the Trinity, in addition to each of us, continue to make this, His ministry.

We have met with men whether in weekly small group Bible studies, one on one, or in larger speaking venues. We have ministered as a first responder and chaplain through the Sheriff’s Office as well as Scoutmaster of Troop 86.  The stories from both would fill a book. Whether going into homes for emergency medical assistance or going out to nature in Scouting we have experienced blessings beyond description. We have ministered through participating in Nexus Leaders, in recruiting mentors, serving on the Board, as well as going through the program.
We meet monthly with Crosstalk, a venue for men to speak to the work of the Cross in their lives. We have led three teaching tours to Israel and Jordan.

We have mobilized teams of men for disaster relief, for construction as well as teaching and evangelism on over 45 international trips. We love partnering with Second Presbyterian Church, World Relief, East - West Ministries, and the Great Commission Coaching.

The Holy Spirit and Scripture empowered our evangelistic hearts and passion for the lost to lead men and women, boys and girls to Christ. This happened in premarital counseling, in Scouts through the God and Country program, to pastors in Malawi, and through numerous trips to Cuba where thousands have responded to the work of the Holy Spirit in conversion.

We have trusted God who invites us to pray constantly for our needs. Prayer has sustained us. Prayer has a multiplying impact on this ministry and the families involved. Even though, like all ministries, we may want to worry, God through Paul in Phil. 4: 6, 7 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.” In other words, why pray when you can worry?

Will you join with us in celebrating our 20 years with an end of the year gift? We thank God and you for your kind and generous partnership with us in growing men in Christ in adherence to the Great Commission.

In Christ,

Don Riley