Ministry Update: December, 2017

Dear Friends of Discipling Men, Inc.,

Discipling Men, Inc has had its best year ever! We have experienced spiritual opportunities, and expansive growth. God’s cursive writing and hand of blessing is ever beautiful and evident.

Habakkuk, the priest turned prophet, sought God’s hand in prayer. He was led to hear God say to “write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it”. God took Habakkuk from the worry of Chapter One to the worship of Chapter Three. The instrument of change was the watchtower prayer time by Habakkuk in Chapter Two. Prayer has had a multiplying impact on this ministry and the families with which it is involved. To God be the glory!

Discipling Men, Inc was strategically positioned in prayer to be led by the Holy Spirit to speak and teach around the world. From Brookhaven Circle in Memphis to Malawi, Africa and Almaty, Kazakhstan!!

By the mighty grace of God, we have had a muscular presence among men which has had a strong and fruitful impact. God has spoken through all of us. The “us” is plural, in that you as the recipient, a member of the Body of Christ, have participated through prayer, mission projects, and generous financial giving. Just a few weeks ago, while walking down the sidewalk of Second Presbyterian, a leader about to leave for another meeting rolled down his window and said, “ I was hoping to see you today. I have something for Discipling Men, Inc.” That check he gave me enabled the ministry to meet its financial needs for that month. Sidewalk fund raising at its best!!


God has richly blessed the teaching, small groups, evangelism, discipleship, mission trips, and local missions for home repairs.  Whether it is serving as the hand and feet of Jesus Christ through a key leadership position of the AMEN Bible study, or numerous rescue shifts with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, or recruiting mentors for Nexus Leaders, or monthly campouts with Boy Scout Troop 86, God’s Holy Spirit continues to fill us to multiply His kingdom mandate to make disciples of all nations. To that end, it was a humbling honor for our Executive Director, Don Riley, to be voted the 2017 Outstanding Male Mentor for the City of Memphis by Nexus Leaders, Inc. 

In addition, God put Discipling Men, Inc through a serious case of shingles which was understandably over our heads. But now, things are looking up!!   


Two new initiatives have begun this year. Last month, a new initiative called Crosstalk was begun. Each month a lay leader will share in a most public setting the difference the cross of Christ makes present tense in their life. This is a bold and gutsy outreach to do monthly in a restaurant. It is street evangelism at its best!!!

The second initiative involves the planning for a trip to the Holy Lands which will take place in May of 2018. This trip will be led by Don Riley accompanied by Cole Huffman, tour guide Rony Simon, and numerous leaders. A large number have already signed up for this expedition. We will study where Jesus lived, taught, gave His life and with resurrection power became all God required for all we need to be conformed into His likeness for His glory. 

There is one thing better than receiving a prayer answer and that is being a prayer answer. Thank you for being a prayer answer in that like a diamond diffusing light the many aspects of ministry continue to shine forth the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ in and through Discipling Men, Inc. To God be the glory.


In Christ,
Don Riley