Ministry Update: December, 2016

Dear Friends of Discipling Men, Inc.,

Discipling Men, Inc., the past six months, has experienced spiritual opportunities, growth as well as challenges. That assessment is true of all of God’s work, especially those blessed where the cursive writing and hand of God is beautiful and evident.

Habakkuk, the priest turned prophet, sought God’s hand in prayer. He was led to hear God say to “write the vision, make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it”. God took Habakkuk from the worry of Chapter One to the worship of Chapter Three.The instrument of change was the watchtower prayer time by Habakkuk in Chapter Two. Prayer has had a disproportionate impact on this ministry and the families with which it is involved. To God be the glory!


Discipling Men, Inc was strategically positioned in prayer to be led, by the Holy Spirit to speak and teach around the world.

In May, officiating the wedding of Charlie and Claire Petzinger at Estes Park, Colorado Presbyterian Church. In June, Scoutmaster duties with Troop 86 at Kia Kima summer camp. In July, teaching pastors and church leaders in Malawi, Africa. Michael and Jill Stockburger, John and Britton Laughlin, Amy Carson, Dan Burns and Rob Crump. 

In August, facilitating construction, strengthening church fellowship, and preaching in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Loved being with Rob Crump, Michael Brennan, Rick Peck, Pat Harcourt, Chris Fiedler, Wayne Tiner, John Good and Dan Burns.

In September, joining forces with the Indianapolis Police department to study leadership qualities of Civil War leaders at Antietam and Gettysburg. Rhea Taylor, Burges Budd, Mason Kauffman, Mark Jenkins, and Tom Purifoy became a true band of brothers as we traveled together.



This month, December, meeting with Bible Study leaders in Dallas. Great seeing Cindy Brinker Simmons, Fred and Joy Miller, Steve and Bette Golden, Fred and Susan Gans, Ray and Jeanne Byrd, Anne and Arlo Buller, Pat Hamner, Pat Hobin, Kelly Cunningham, Art and Cookie Wood, Kelly Burgess, and Julie Hobin. 

Each month, each event, each meeting bathed and saturated in prayer. Weekly small groups meet, where men are encouraged, prayers offered and the Bible taught. It is key meeting weekly and bi-weekly with Alex Thompson, Buddy Flinn, John Walt, Rob Crump, Steve Frazier, Cecil Godman, Fred Day, Warren Boone, James Dodge, Terry Mudder, Rick Peck, Joe White, Rodney Greener, Doug Monroe, Andy Johnson, Terry Templeton, Al Heindel, Mike Owens, Larry Peebles, Larry Pegrim, Bayne Yarbrough, Burges Budd, Art Heun, Chris Craft, Dan Whipple, Bradley Wilford, Bobby Shute, Richard Bourland, and Cole Huffman.

Meeting with Growing in Grace leaders Dr. David Stewart, Rhea Taylor, Mark Petzinger, James Mclaren, Keith Collins, Jay Cofield, John Ivy, Bill Overcast, Mason Kauffman, Dr. Orin Davidson, Dr. Bill Hardin, Mike Rhodes, and Mike Warner. 

Weekly ministering to Scout dads: John Simpson, Lee Rudd, Jay Jordan, Phil Reese, Nick Bragorgos, Bobby Shute, Dr. Robert Hollabaugh, Steve Turner, Gene Cashman, Dr. Alan Hammond,Win Rawson, Dr. Gregg Dabov, Phil Fentress, Chris Pekary, Wes Butler, Brian Schneider, Kirk Johnston, Butler Bernard, David Moody, and Clay Smythe. New scout dads Scott Knowlton, Edward Dobbs, Jerry Couloubaritsis, Michael Pfrommer, Dr. Michael Lowery, Dr. Jay Thompson, Steven Johnson, Mark Hieatt,  and Kevin Miller all add great enthusiasm as their young sons consider what it means to grow in Christ in and through Scouting.  

The configuration of men meeting weekly range from one on one to the AMEN Bible Study of over 300 men. It is great watching Lon Magness, Robert Sutton, Fred Schaeffer and others led AMEN. DMI meeting with men range weekly from Board rooms, to restaurants, to church settings and campouts. Second Pres., First Evan., Growing in Grace Class, Tr. 86, with Friends of the Germantown Library and various mission trips. 

The Sheriff's Office Emergency Medical Service has been a great joy with Chief Deborah Barlow, Jennifer Hindle, Steve Smith, Brian Bolton, Charlie Robertson, Steve Chunn, Rita Garner, Arnold Smith, Doug Monroe, Debbie Spears, Frank Edwards, Bruce Ferguson, Eric Tabor, Melissa Morrison, Lou DeGru, Tommy Sanderson, George Fleet, and Lena Gaia. 

To return to one of the trips, in July Rob Crump facilitated a team to teach in conjunction with World Relief in Malawi. Rob Crump and Don Riley taught church leaders and pastors.The last day teaching pastors, Don expanded on John Four dissecting the encounter the woman at the well had with Jesus. She experienced a life changing divine intersection with He who gives the only eternal water that satisfies. Specifically Spirit led, Don invited any of the newly taught church leaders to turn their lives over to Jesus Christ. Leading them in prayer, 23 out of 45 church leaders asked Jesus Christ into their lives for the first time. It was an absolute miracle!! Don extensively interviewed the interpreter to determine whether the church leaders fully understood what they had done. The Malawi World Relief staff interpreter William enthusiastically confirmed the reality of the church leaders decisions.

Thank you for your spiritual, prayerful and financial support.Your generous kindness enables men to grow in Christ as we meet with them, minister to them and mobilize them in adherence to the Great Commission to make disciples. 



In Christ, 

Don Riley