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Meeting: Men of All Ages

TROOP 86: Each week, Discipling Men, Inc. meets with the Scouts of Troop 86 along with their families who support and engage in their spiritual and developmental growth. The accounts of fun, advancement  and real scouting from the 2015 Kia Kima Summer Camp alone attest to the vibrancy of the troop and it’s leaders to grow in their relationships with Christ.


WOODLAND PRES. & THE BOLTON FAMILY: Discipling Men, Inc. had the privilege of leading the congregation at Woodland Presbyterian Church in a six week series on the Glory of God. The preparation for the sermon series and working with the Woodland staff to provide quality care for the congregation served as a testimony of God’s goodness and power throughout 2015.

Discipling Men, Inc. officiated the wedding of Brian and Debra Bolton, faithful members of Woodland Presbyterian. The premarital counsel provided a foundation of trust and guidance that caused Brian to request the aid of Discipling Men, Inc. to minister to his family a second time in 2015 as the Bolton family endured the loss of Brian’s father. Within a month of the passing of Brian’s father, Discipline Men, Inc. was called upon again, this time to lead the Bolton family and the entire city of Memphis in the honoring of Memphis Police Department Officer Sean Bolton who sacrificed his life in the line of service. The opportunity to provide gospel truth, compassionate counsel, and deserved honor to the service of Brian’s younger brother Sean  and his example of Jesus Christ was God-ordained. It is one that Discipling Men, Inc. will speak to for years to come as it points to the glory of God.


Matching: Men Growing in Discipleship

& Engaging in Service

NEXUS: The tagline for Nexus is “A Proven Experience in Leadership”. For Discipling Men, Inc. Nexus is also a proven experience in discipleship. The recruitment of godly mentors is a ministry effort that produces a dividend beyond personal leadership growth for the protege. The modeling of the methodology of Christ in work and life extends into the life of the protege’s family, workplace, and city.


SMALL GROUP STUDIES: The Book of Micah, the Book of Psalms, the book of Acts, the Book of James, a look at the Glory of God throughout scripture, these are just some of the topics of study from 2015. Discipling Men, Inc. is committed to putting the Word of God into the hands and hearts of men. Whether gathered in the morning, lunchtime, or evenings, Discipling Men, Inc. knows the value of spending time preparing and caring about the growth of men as well as the impact it has on each of the men’s families.


EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES: Discipling Men, Inc. continues to volunteer with the Shelby County Emergency Medical Services as an Emergency Medical Responder. Each day of service allows Discipling Men, Inc. an opportunity of outreach to fellow volunteer responders and to community members of Shelby County. It is a practice of evangelism, service, and fellowship ministering alongside those in law enforcement.


Mobilizing: Men Taking Strides in Leadership

AMEN PRAYER: In Luke chapter 18, we are told a parable to explain verse one, “...That they ought always pray and not lose heart.” Discipling Men, Inc. is persistent to organize and challenge men in Memphis to lead the prayer time each Thursday morning at Amen Bible Study. Seeing men lead in this way is an encouragement and a humbling honor. In addition. we are tasked with placing men in small groups and mentor relationships.
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MALAWI: Discipling Men, Inc. has had the privilege of traveling many places in the world throughout its stint of ministry in the Mid-South, but no travel has been so remote as the 2015 trip to Malawi. Armed by the faithful prayers of many and guided by a church leadership curriculum of World Relief, Discipling Men, Inc. along with Dan and Catherine Burns, Jill Stockburger, Rob Crump, Dennis Berry, set out to meet with church leaders from various Christian backgrounds and beliefs. Discipling Men, Inc. provided translated Bible passage worksheets in the native ChiChewa language and delivered Bibles to each church leader, many of which had never owned their own Bible.

Team Member, Rob Crump, who has been discipled through Discipling Men, Inc. answered the call to become the official liaison between Second Presbyterian and World Relief in Malawi. Rob’s obedience to answer the call to serve the nation of Malawi and the indigenous staff of World Relief is evidence of the kind of leadership for which Discipling Men, Inc. has continuously prayed. A return trip to Malawi has been planned for July 16-24, 2016.


     ARGENTINA: November, Bill and Martha Martin, David and Carol Stewart, and Don and Susan Riley of Discipling Men, Inc. partnered with churches in Buenos Aires on two separate work projects. The time spent with several key ministry leaders propelled the relationship with Second Presbyterian Church, Discipling Men, Inc. and the kingdom work in Argentina.

Why is this ministry needed?

Jesus said in Luke 10: 2, The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. There are few ministries in the Memphis and Mid-South that address growing men in Christ through discipleship and small groups. Discipling Men, Inc. is geared to that end. In order to continue ministry at the capacity in which Discipling Men, Inc. has served, your continued financial support is needed. Thank you for your faithful support and prayers.


Board Of Directors: Rob Crump (Chairman), Cecil Godman (Treasurer), John Walt (Secretary), Richard Bourland, Judge Chris Craft, Fred Day, Reverend Cole Huffman, Lon Magness, Don Riley (Exec. Dir.), Henry Shelton, Bobby Shute, Dr. David Stewart and Rhea Taylor.